Strategy of actions

harakat strateg

Strategy of actions
in five primary areas
for development
of the Republic of Uzbekistan
in 2017-2021


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On March 27, 2019, Deputy Commissioner for Protection of Rights of Entrepreneurs met with representatives of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

Purpose of the meeting was establishment of cooperation in joint analysis and defining methods on improving interaction of governmental and non-governmental organisations for provision of support to entrepreneurship, as well as stimulating both foreign and domestic investment in Uzbekistan. 

Parties also outlined potential cooperation in Investment Climate and Governance Initiative of EBRD, which implies provision of assistance to governmental agencies that are directed towards promotion of transparency and business development. Namely, it intends to create partnership between governmental and private sectors through Investment Councils, which are aimed at increasing transparency in regulation of entrepreneurial activities for reduction of administrative burdens as well as strengthening the legal framework for existing and future markets. 

For the purposes of improving investment climate and economic management, as well as establishing cooperation with similar international institutions that work in the sphere of protection of rights of entrepreneurs, including organisations that provide assistance in development of business environment, parties envisage development of Memorandum of Understanding.

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