Strategy of actions

harakat strateg

Strategy of actions
in five primary areas
for development
of the Republic of Uzbekistan
in 2017-2021


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Commissioner’s Office for Protection of Rights and Legitimate Interests of Entrepreneurs under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan continues its meetings with entrepreneurs of our republic. 

Today, due to the extensive reforms that are being initiated by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, various measures are introduced for the establishment of favorable business environment through creation of jobs and constant support of entrepreneurship.

On April 9, 2019, Deputy Business Ombudsman held a meeting with entrepreneurs of Syrdarya Region to identify contemporary problems and reasons for inaction of some business entities, and further assist them in elimination of existing prepones.

The meeting was held in an open-conversation format, where entrepreneurs raised questions in areas such as: allocation of land for entrepreneurship, obtaining of permits, taxation and export.

In the meeting, Deputy Business Ombudsman explained the nature current reforms in reduction of tax burdens and granting of permits for business entities.  

It must be recalled that today, provision of greater freedom for small businesses and private entrepreneurship, reduction of state interference in business activities, insurance of early prevention of illegalities on their behalf are set as key priorities of state bodies in further development of entrepreneurship. 

In this regard, as have been noted by Business Ombudsman, similar events for provision of support to entrepreneurs will be held in all regions of Uzbekistan. 


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