on the main activities of the Business Ombudsman in 2022


Analysis of appeals of business entities

In 2022, 9,850 appeals were received from entrepreneurs the rights of entrepreneurs were restored in 48%, and legal clarifications were given for 4,616.

Analysis of the received appeals according to their characteristics demonstrated that 18% are related to taxation, 14% - to land issues, land documentation and architecture, 14% - to the banking and credit sector, 9% - to infrastructure, 6% of appeals is related to judicial and other matters.

In addition, the "Virtual Office of the Entrepreneur" last year was launched, which makes it possible to effectively control the process of working with entrepreneurs' appeals.

In total, from June 1 last year until the end of the year, 6,209 appeals were received trough the portal received.

At meetings and on-sight meetings held in the regions, 2,826 appeals were received from entrepreneurs, 3 requests were made, protocols on administrative offenses were drawn up against 147 officials on identified violations.

Ensuring the legitimacy of inspections

A monitoring was conducted in 8 control bodies on the implementation of legislation on entrepreneurial activity.

During the monitoring, 8,771 facts of violations of the law were revealed, 10 conclusions, 8 submissions and 1 proposal to initiate a criminal case were drawn up, as well as administrative protocols were drawn up in relation to 1,028 officials and 33 employees were brought to disciplinary responsibility.

Coordination of inspections in the activities of business entities

The information system "Unified State Control" has been launched, in which all inspections must be recorded from November 1 of this year.

Currently, the information system contains a register of 46,443 mandatory requirements of 43 regulatory authorities, information on more than 18,000 officials entitled to conduct an inspection, as well as a unified register of 505 control functions.

In total, the regulatory authorities conducted 167,037 inspections of the activities of entrepreneurs, of which 2,072 (1.2%) were carried out in agreement with the Business Ombudsman, and the remaining 164,965 (98.8%) were carried out by notification.

In particular, it was found that in 155,560 cases inspections were carried out on the basis of appeals of individuals and legal entities, and in 10,469 cases - on the basis of risk analysis and other grounds.

As part of monitoring the legality of inspections, it was found that 18 regulatory authorities conducted 747 illegal inspections, 20 regulatory authorities violated the procedure for conducting inspections in 15,280 cases.

Administrative protocols were drawn up against 666 officials, and disciplinary measures were applied against 31 officials. In order to ensure the practice of applying a single law in the exercise of state control, 228 training seminars were held with the participation of 11,031 officials from 40 regulatory authorities.

In order to assess the level of competence and professionalism of employees conducting inspections, 5,407 officials of 24 regulatory bodies were certified, of which 4,578 (85%) were recognized as having sufficient qualifications to conduct inspections in the activities of entrepreneurs.

Measures taken in cases of offense

Last year, 2,591 legal measures were taken to protect the rights of entrepreneurs, including 182 lawsuits (complaints) in the amount of 51.3 billion soums, 131 submissions, 82 warnings, 70 conclusions and 2,126 administrative protocols.

As a result, claims in the amount of 32.8 billion soums were resolved in favor of entrepreneurs, their property rights to land plots with a total area of 436 hectares were restored, 198 decisions (documents) were canceled, 123 officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility, unreasonably accrued debts in the amount of more than 4 .5 billion soums were canceled.

Improvement of legislation in the field of entrepreneurship

Over the past year, an examination of 439 legal acts was carried out, 493 proposals and objections were created.

The Office of the Business Ombudsman has developed 7 draft legal acts, including 2 Laws, 3 Decrees of the President, 2 resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Proposals (analytical data) have been prepared to improve 24 spheres of business activities.

International legal cooperation

In order to improve the sphere of entrepreneurship, 3 forums (conferences) were organized and 4 seminars (trainings) were held with the involvement of international experts.

In particular, on June 29, 2022, “An integrated approach to the development of the business climate in Uzbekistan: mechanisms for protecting business rights and reforming state control” forum was held.

At the same time, 23 meetings were held with representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Korea, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation, Finland, France, and Turkey.

In particular, within the framework of the meeting of the Azerbaijani-Uzbek intergovernmental joint commission, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Agency for the Development of Small and Medium Business of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Kasimov Dilmurod Sultanmuratovich


An important aspect of the current reforms is not to find the shortcomings of entrepreneurs and punish them, but to teach them how to properly organize their work

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