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On the basis of court decision the conditions of the contract were fulfilled

Contractual relationships play an important role in entrepreneurial activity. They allow widen the business, attract additional investments, and cooperate with other entrepreneurs and organizations. Moreover, a contract is a guarantee of fulfillment of obligations by the parties and a document reflecting the mutual consent of parties and legal form of the relationship. In Uzbekistan the contractual relationships are mainly regulated by the Civil Code and the law On Contractual and Legal Basis of Business Entities. However, despite a strong legislative framework that regulates the contractual relationships, there are cases when parties do not fulfill their obligations according to established order.

“Surxon Star Mebel” LLC appealed to Business Ombudsman with a complaint on non-fulfillment of contractual obligations by the General Directorate of Employment of Surkhandarya region. In the process of learning the complaint, it was determined that “Surxon Star Mebel” LLC fulfilled its contractual obligations on delivering the products at the total cost of 428 million soums. However, the General Directorate of Employment of Surkhandarya region did not provide the full payment for the products, thus violating the terms of the contract. 

Business Ombudsman filed a complaint in Termez Inter-District Economic Court in the interests of “Surxon Star Mebel” LLC on reimbursement of debt. After the commencement of judicial process, 353 million soums were paid to entrepreneur by the General Directorate of Employment of Surkhandarya region. In addition, the Termez Inter-District Economic Court approved the claim of Business Ombudsman and ruled on reimbursement of 75 million soums in favor of “Surxon Star Mebel” LLC.

Press Club of Business Ombudsman

Kasimov Dilmurod Sultanmuratovich


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