Sept. 15, 2023 268

Damage caused to the entrepreneur and lost profits must be compensated in full

               Based on the relevant orders, the branch “Main Electric Networks of Samarkand” of JSC “National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan” carried out work on the construction of electrical networks in land plots used in agriculture belonging to a number of farms operating in the Samarkand region.

               At the same time, in this process, economic damage was discovered as a result of grassing of agricultural fields belonging to the Yashil Dala farm operating in the Pastdargom region and the Serkhosil Dala farm in the Samarkand region (the name of the farms has been changed).

               According to the records, despite the branch providing letters of guarantee for compensation for damage caused to these farms, the amount of damage was not paid.

               However, according to Article 985 of the Civil Code, harm caused by unlawful actions (inaction) to the person or property of a citizen, as well as harm caused to a legal entity, is subject to compensation by the person who caused the harm, in full, including lost profits.

              In accordance with this, based on the results of studying appeals from farm managers for recovery of damage caused, employees of the Office of the Business Ombudsman submitted an opinion to JSC National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan and, based on this measure of influence, farms were compensated for losses in the amount of 284.6 million soums.

Kasimov Dilmurod Sultanmuratovich


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