March 24, 2021 268

Business Ombudsman restored rights of about 100 entrepreneurs

An individual entrepreneur engaged in the sale of products and raw materials of animal origin sent appeal to the Business Ombudsman with a request to study the legality of the term of the veterinary and sanitary conclusion.

Business entities engaged in the slaughter of animals must necessarily receive a veterinary and sanitary conclusion, that is, a permit for engaging in this activity.

This conclusion is issued by the authorized body of the state veterinary service and, in accordance with the legislation, the period of validity of the conclusion is 5 years.

Despite this, the authorized bodies of the state veterinary service in the Andijan region issued conclusions to entrepreneurs for a period of 1 year. As a result of the monitoring carried out on the basis of the appeal, similar violations were revealed in the conclusions issued to about 100 business entities.

As a result of the assistance of the Business Ombudsman, the veterinary and sanitary conclusion was reissued and issued for a period of 5 years, thereby restoring the rights of an individual entrepreneur. 

Kasimov Dilmurod Sultanmuratovich


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