March 31, 2021 268

Official statement

A video of an entrepreneur who disagreed with the demolition of the facility in which he carried out his activities was published in social media. This appeal was studied by the office of the Business Ombudsman and, according to the results of the study, the following was revealed.

In accordance with the letter of the head of the Yangiyul District Medical Association No. 1223 dated October 12, 2019, a concrete area of 31m2 at the entrance to the 1st floor of the Yangiyul City Medical Association was put up for an online auction by the state unitary enterprise Center for organizing electronic online auctions, the winner of which was “DILRABO-TIBBIY SERVIS” LLC.

The company concluded a tripartite agreement No. 1975 / 06-19A dated November 16, 2019 on the lease of the building and structure (or part thereof) of the polyclinic. In connection with the emergence of the need to use the territory leased to the entrepreneur, as well as in accordance with the requirement of clause 4.5 of the lease agreement No. 1375 / 06-19A, which provides for the right of the “Balance holder” to early terminate the lease agreement with the entrepreneur in connection with the emergence of the need to use this territory of the “Object”, Several notifications were sent to the entrepreneur.

An appeal for early termination of the lease agreement between DILRABO-TIBBIY SERVIS LLC and Yangiyul City Medical Association was sent to the Tashkent Economic Court.

According to the results of the study, it was revealed that to date, the demolition of the object in which the entrepreneur carried out his activities was not carried out. Since the issue is pending in court, the entrepreneur was explained that the employees of the Office of the Business Ombudsman have the right to participate in the trial to protect the rights of the entrepreneur.

Kasimov Dilmurod Sultanmuratovich


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