Dec. 20, 2019 268

3.2 million soums were charged from hokimiyat of Tashkent city in favor of the entrepreneur.

The law provides the inadmissibility of infringement and restriction of using the right of private property. However, there are cases of breach of law by some local authorities. Particularly, according to the decision of hokimiyat (administration) of Tashkent city from the 12 of May 2018 №-2386, 486 м2 of the object located at Almalyk ring 1, Yashnaabd district, Tashkent city was demolished. The demolished part of the object was the property of “UZAVTOTEXXIZMAT” LLC.

It should be noted that according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the 13th of August 2019 №-5780, Business Ombudsman establishes systematic control over the inadmissibility of causing damage to private owners by violating their rights, including unlawful restriction and (or) deprivation of property rights, and also takes the necessary measures to prevent the facts of abuse and violation of the law by authorities.  

In relation to the aforementioned case, Business Ombudsman filled a lawsuit to the Tashkent Inter-District Economic Court for reimbursement in favor of “UZAVTOTEXXIZMAT” LLC from the account of the hokimiyat of Tashkent city in the amount of 3 210 000 000 soums and the allocation of 486 m2 of land that was seized from an entrepreneur for public needs. The court ruled in the favor of the entrepreneur and, accordingly, hokimiyat of Tashkent city was obliged to pay in favor of “UZAVTOTEXXIZMAT” LLC the reimbursement in the amount of 3 210 000 000 soums and allocate 486 m2 of land.

With the purpose of protecting the entrepreneurs, Business Ombudsman has a hotline (0371-239-25-92). If You are an entrepreneur who has confronted the violation of rights and legitimate interests by governmental authorities, contact the office of Business Ombudsman using the abovementioned phone number or send a letter via email ( 

Kasimov Dilmurod Sultanmuratovich


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