July 16, 2020 268

Бизнес-омбудсман помог предпринимателю взыскать более 104 миллионов сумов

The head of SMARTSYSTEM NUKUS LLC T. Arzymbetov appealed to the Business Ombudsman with a complaint about the non-payment of 104 943 620 soums by the Takhtakupir District Department of Public Education. On the basis of the agreement №255 concluded between the entrepreneur and the Takhtakupir district department of public education, the entrepreneur fulfilled its obligations to install surveillance cameras in secondary schools of the district №1, 2, 4, 6, 10 and 11, however, payments under the contract were not provided.

Based on the results of studying this appeal, the Business Ombudsman filed a claim to the Chimbay Interdistrict Economic Court to collect the debt in favor of the society.

The Chimbay Interdistrict Economic Court satisfied the claim of the Business Ombudsman and made a decision to collect the debt in the amount of 104,943,620 soums from the Takhtakupir District Department of Public Education in favor of SMARTSYSTEM NUKUS LLC.

Kasimov Dilmurod Sultanmuratovich


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