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How to become an IT specialist without a degree??

IT Park is at your service. Here you can get high-quality and not expensive training in IT specialties, both in the capital of Uzbekistan and in the regions!

At the moment, IT Park operates an IT Academy (Tashkent) and 47 IT Centers located in various regions of our country.

Anyone can study at the IT Academy in such areas as:

1.     Frontend - web development course (HTML, CSS, Javascript);

2.     Data analysis - basic course in data analysis (basics of Python, statistics, Pandas);

3.     Backend - web development courses (HTML, CSS, Python, SQL, Django).

In the courses listed above, they give the most necessary things, avoiding unnecessary information, thereby saving your precious time. In a fairly short period of time, you will be able to get on your feet in the IT sphere and start earning your first money!

IT Academy contacts: +998 99 8550498 (Dilmurod Nasibullayev)

In IT Centers, you can get training in such courses as:

·        Computer literacy;

· Advanced MS Office;

· Web programming languages;

· Basic graphics and design;

· Development of mobile applications;

· Python programming language;

· Mobile robotics based on Arduino and Lego;

· Cybersport lessons based on CS: GO, Dota 2 and FIFA20 games.

Also, IT Centers create free video tutorials in which experienced teachers explain various topics in simple language and tell interesting facts related to one or another subject in IT. Video tutorials are implemented on subjects such as:

·        Компьютерная графика;

·        Web and computer programming;

·        Training in office programs;

·        Creation of cartoons and games;

·        Robotics;

·        MS Word;

·        SCRATCH;

·        HTML/CSS;

·        Others.

IT Centers

Contacts of IT Centers: +998 90 1780003 (Sherzod Abdurakhmanov)

In addition, IT Park is implementing the “One Million Uzbek Coders” project, the main goal of which is free programming education for the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Right now, you can put off reading this article for a while and go to There you can familiarize yourself with all the benefits of the platform and start your programming education. The training is conducted in the format of video lessons, which can be reviewed and saved.

The project includes 4 specialties in demand on the world labor market: Data Analysis, Android Development, FrontEnd Development and FullStack Development. At the end of each stage, the students of the platform prepare laboratory work, after which they are awarded special certificates.

Graduates who successfully complete the course will be able to test their knowledge to receive grants and continue their studies in one of more than 100 Nanodegree programs on the Udacity platform (Microsoft). For this, the candidate must successfully pass the final exam and be included in the list of 150 students with the highest score. Nanodegree awards are recognized by Google, AT&T, Autodesk, Salesforce and many other IT giants.

To date, more than 60,000 people in Uzbekistan are trained on the platform, 5,000 people have become project graduates and received their certificates. What's stopping you ?

Link to platform:

IT Park is your lifeboat that will not let you down or sink, thanks to which you can safely reach the IT island, where you will be appreciated, respected and well paid. Do not be afraid of failures, together with us you will cope with everything!

IT Park website:
Telegram channel IT Park:
For additional information: +998 71 209 11 99

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