Dec. 29, 2020 268

The authorities of the Business-Ombudsman were strengthened

On December 29, during the Address to the Parliament, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan noted that officials of state bodies violate the property rights of entrepreneurs. In this regard, the Business Ombudsman is empowered to bring such officials to administrative responsibility. At the same time, a number of privileges are provided for business entities. Since the new year, it is planned to cancel 105 types of licenses and permits and simplify the procedure for obtaining the remaining types of permits.

For business entities operating in the field of tourism, transport and public catering, the deadline for paying taxes on land and property for a total of $ 400 billion has been extended.

Also, in order to financially support family entrepreneurship, next year it is planned to allocate 6 trillion soums of soft loans, $100 million will be allocated to expand the Rural Entrepreneurship Development Program, implemented in partnership with the World Bank.

Kasimov Dilmurod Sultanmuratovich


Any economic progress depends on the development of private ownership, entrepreneurship and private sector.